I Blinked

It's over. A special stage of my life is over, and I didn't even realize it was coming until it was almost too late.

For the last eight years, I have had one child or more at home with me while the others are at school. It was a time we would run errands together, pick lunches, and sometimes have a treat at Dairy Queen or Chick Fil A. Last week, that stage of my life has ended. When school starts again, all of my children will be in school at the same time. No more planning play dates with mommies of small children, no more trips to places like Cool Beans, where the big kids have outgrown the fun. No more one-on-one lunches, unless we plan a special day. I'm so glad I caught this change right before it disappeared. In fact, I may have spoiled my youngest with *a few* trips to Dairy Queen and Noodles & Co, instead of just one. I tried to make our last day together one to take it slow and soak it in. We are heading into a lot of "firsts" with our oldest heading into middle school in the fall, I just didn't realize we were also heading to a lot of "lasts." It feels like I'm surrounded by dandelions that have gone to seed, and I want to pick each one up and blow the seeds in the wind and watch them go before they are all bare. 

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