Yarn Practice - Game of Thrones Inspired


I love staging a photo shoot, even if it's really small and simple. I had 3 skeins of yarn and was itching to cast them on. All three are Game of Thrones inspired, from two different dyers. "White Walkers" and "Daenerys" from Suburban Stitcher and "Take the Black" from One Twisted Tree have been sitting in my stash, waiting for the perfect project. I finally selected the pattern In the Light by Casey Day-Crosier. I wanted to document the yarn before I cast on, so I thought about what would make a really great "Game of Thrones" inspired photo. I decided I wanted the background to be completely black, with a hard light highlighting the colors. Photographing almost-black yarn is tricky when you want to have a black background, but I think it's also a beautiful challenge. I set up my speedlight with the trigger system off to the side and really close to the yarn. The yarn was placed on a basket, since it was the closest thing I had to anything you might find on the set of Game of Thrones. I put the speedlight really close to create a lot of falloff, which would make the black background. Then I set my shutter to 1/250, my ISO to 100, and played with my aperture until I got the exposure right. In post, I had to still darken the background a little more, but overall it turned out well. Stay tuned for the finished project photos!