Sessions with Me

When you book a session with me, you will get so much more than an average portrait session. I will walk you through every step to make sure you love your session, from start to finish. 


Before your session

Before your session, I will take the opportunity to get to know your family. Who are the members of your family we will be photographing, and what makes them unique? What can I do to help each member feel more relaxed? If there are children involved, what are their favorite movies and songs? Do they have any hobbies you would like to see highlighted in your session? What are some  locations that are special to your family? What are your family's favorite color schemes, and how can I help you select wardrobe options that will look nice in your home?

I also will ask you about your goals for your session. Where are you hoping to display your images? Do you want digital files of your images, and what are the key images that you would like to have? What is your budget, and how can I help you feel great about your investment? Have you thought about prints and wall products? My goal is to tailor your session to your needs as a family, not sell you items you don't want. By knowing your goals ahead of time, I can customize your session to match the products you would like to take home.


During your session

Most likely we will schedule your session early in the morning or right before sunset. I often bring an assistant with me to help with lighting, make children laugh, and adjust hair and clothing. I try to choose locations that either have significance to your family, or that reflect the aesthetic you share with me during our preconsultation. Your session fee is due at the time of your session.

While we definitely will create images that have everyone looking at the camera and smiling, I also try to create a natural setting in which your family can relax and have fun together. My goal is to capture your family in a moment that makes you look at your images later and remember what a fun day we had. I love using my training in posing and composition to create flattering and interesting photos. When working with me, you don't need to worry about posing yourself perfectly or making sure your kids are smiling. The best photos are made when you can relax and have a great time together.

After your session

After your session is over, I will take the images and put them on my computer and an external storage source. You will receive an online gallery for proofing, where I will have selected the very best images from your session and done basic editing, such as cropping and correcting exposure. In this gallery, you will be able to select the images you would like to have fully edited and which images you would like to have printed. You will also be able to select which images you want as your included digital files. Full editing takes up to 2 weeks, depending on how many images you have selected. You can also upgrade your collection at any time to include more files and products.

Digital files that are purchased can be printed up to 8x10. Web files are included for sharing on social media with credit due back to Emily Straw Photography. If you share your images and it leads to your friends and family booking a session with me, you will also receive a discount on your next session! 


At the end of the day, my goal is to create images you will love and can display in the way that best fits your family. I offer products and services that fit a variety of needs and budgets, and I hope to create the best portrait experience your family has ever had. I can't wait to work with you!